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Valley of tears (of joy)

Valley of tears (of joy)
15th July 2017 Kicheche Camps
Drongo Male lion terrorises giraffe

It is rare in a week to have such a tally

But Andrew’s team have been performing miracles at Valley

Last week’s Spot clearly got his guides stung

So they go straight out and find that missing leopard with her young

Early starts and fertile Conservancies are really the key

In finding a well fed cheetah adolescent playing high in a tree


Two big male lions parade at dawn following a giraffe

This is too much good fortune, you must be having a laugh

Mika is a legend, his game drives are always a feast

But he manages them all year, not just with the beests

There is still space this summer to see Naboisho’s sons and daughters

It really is boiling up, there must be something in the water.


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