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Trunk Call

Trunk Call
22nd February 2013 Kicheche Camps

For the first time in thirteen years Kicheche feels compelled to issue a plea about the senseless and insidious slaughter of Kenyan elephants. Currently poaching of these beasts and rhino is on a level not seen since the abattoir-era of the 70’s and 80’s.

‘Three elephant corpses lay piled on top of one another. They must have sought safety in numbers – in vain: a thick trail of blackened blood traced their final moments.’

This extract is from the BBC recently. It was frankly bound to happen after the tragic and numbingly stupid CITES decision to allow the ivory trade to resume, getting rid of their stockpiles to the Chinese who bought it cheap then stockpiled it, pushing its dubious value up exponentially.

Last week many Kicheche staff demonstrated outside Sekanani gate, the same gate that now has a new Chinese lodge as a neighbour; click here or image for details. The fact that poaching has gone up drastically since the Chinese started taking over swathes of the country is purely co-incidence, co-incidence again that it is China that craves the tusks and horn to satisfy their pitiful egos and flaccid libidos. This same bone and keratin that the world knows has no medical provenance. Each of these noble animals is worth ‘exponentially’ more alive in its natural home than killed by poachers, then parcelled up piecemeal and sold by the ounce in the Far East.

Kicheche staff are both outraged about this and are not shy in getting involved. They will continue to with marches, online campaigns and via every branch and twig of the not inconsiderable bush telegraph.

Imagine the bitter aftertaste of Kenya’s best beer if the brand it boasts became extinct. They say elephants can remember; unless people and politicians show they genuinely care and name and shame the top of the poaching food chain, choking the demand, memories is all we’ll have of Kenya’s eldest statesmen.

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