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Triple Decker

Triple Decker
31st December 2013 Kicheche Camps
© George Nampaso  Kicheche Mara Camp

© George Nampaso Kicheche Mara Camp

‘The storm that stole Christmas’ was the inevitable headline as malevolent gales ripped a very un-festive swathe across Northern Europe. This meant precious little to yuletide Kichechians or indeed their guides who have seemingly been intent in rubbing our faces in acres of mud and gloop during these holidays. George Nampaso’s ‘all you can eat meat buffet’ is frankly ridiculous, for it then to be followed up with lions trying to take down a hippo is absurd, especially as these same lions had downed yet another buffalo in Mara Camp the night before.

Hippo attempt 3-2


Not to be outdone Patrick Koriata’s caracal is just plain stupid, what on earth makes him or anyone else at Kicheche think we would rather be watching this priceless predator bring down a fawn in perfect light, rather than be holed up without electricity in some bedraggled swampy shire ? Exactly, just silly. Please can they all grow up. If by some misguided chance you would prefer to see more of their sparkling photographic portfolios rather than watching gloomy skies and disembowelled umbrellas: click here. Oh yes: Happy New Year.


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