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Tree Leopards? No Four

Tree Leopards? No Four
26th October 2012 Kicheche Camps

Early last week around seven thirty a lioness tag team brought down a squealing adult warthog. Thirty metres from a Kicheche landcruiser. Clinically numbering sightings is normally the remit of meticulously manicured mainstream monolithic companies, but these two females made it 30 lions. Before nine ‘o’ clock.
Aardvark Kicheche Laikipia

Does this merit the permanent ink this week ? No. Astonishingly the kill was witnessed by the same three who benefited from last week’s zorillas, wild dogs and aardvarks, as Laikipia’s largesse showed no limits. (click on the aardvark if you missed last weeks)

However, their magnificently planned safari was about to go stratospheric.

The correspondence from two weeks ago concerning those ‘numerous’ leopard cubs has been overwhelming. Some however have doubted their veracity. The enclosed photo and story puts those cynical Thomas’s in their box. Two days after the surfeit of lions, three vehicles left camp savagely early with a cold mist still clinging to the whistling thorns. The headlights picked up two leopards near the Talek. The false dawn struggled to illuminate these golden apparitions, but this fifteen minute encounter, way before anyone else was even contemplating nutmeg dusted pancakes whilst cocooned in crunchy pastel bathrobes, gave a tantalising glimpse into the leopards’ world, as the mother and cub meandered in and out of the dipped beams. Two leopards by six became six by 7.30 am ! The ground hugging fog almost completely enveloped a large leopard atop a termite mound. This animal will be mistaken for a male many more times than just last Wednesday, having more Ramsay crags than soft Nigella curves. She vapourised but her insistent rasping call indicated it was the mother of three. Look at the photo : one tree, one mum and triplets. Astonishing…..more

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