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Top of the Tree

Top of the Tree
9th January 2014 Kicheche Camps

Treed leopard Mara North

We couldn’t put a cigarette paper between Mara Camp or Laikipia this week, so decided to publish both.

Mating lions virtually next door to Mamba tent is a respectable initial level of voyeurism. However Duncan and Alex were not even looking at that honeymoon pair, they were more interested in Mara Camp’s favourite daughter Nelangu, gazing at the adult entertainment from the leafy circle.Top pay per-view entertainment and we might add, top photo too.

up the tree-2

wildogs by the dozen-2


Paint by numbers

Not to be outdone those dog worriers up North are now getting silly. I am not sure whether their clients think they get a group dog discount but these were certainly cheaper by the two dozen.

Fifteen pups, nine adults, what a week.

P.S. One of Bush Camp’s most seasoned regulars has just finished a lengthy safari; watch out for the spectacular retort next week.

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