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Things that go bump in the night

Things that go bump in the night
31st October 2012 Kicheche Camps

Firstly, for those who are still contacting us claiming those four leopards were paranormal, there are daily flights to Nairobi, go get one and see for yourself, it was neither Photoshop sorcery or supernatural software.

However, the news is still of the river. Guests last week blew off early cobwebs and departed at the witching hour. The plains were empty of vehicles yet jammed with animals, their mournful mantras and laments flitting across the pre-dawn chill. The migration is a ‘moveable beest’, they are still coming home in vast numbers. One morning last week, by the time the sun had turned a pumpkin orange, many thousand had already crossed others went again after sunset!

There was a full moon yesterday, or a hunters moon as the October one is called,….more

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