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The winner is?

The winner is?
13th December 2012 Kicheche Camps

Thumping late showers and searing mid-day temperatures have washed the plains cleaner than an HSBC cartel account. The mercury is rising and a cheetah stalks then misses yet another meal. She has large calorie demands from her two-strong crèche yet the short grass plains are not her ally. Every guest is offering useless and absurd advice to the hungry cat. Prospects come and go, her eyes glimmer then fall until finally she drops with her cubs to rest. ‘She will hunt’ Patrick utters both prophetically and ambiguously.

A lot of time has been put into this quest; no-one is ready to abandon her just yet. Time passes with treacle-drip slowness, the sun scorches anything un-shaded, the guide books tell us early morning or late afternoon for hunting. This cheetah has not read those books.

A lone impala walks to the predators lair,….read more

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