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The Wight Stuff

The Wight Stuff
13th March 2017 Kicheche Camps

Nancie Wight doesn’t do things by half. Dipping her toes in one Conservancy was clearly not enough for her so she put her not inconsiderable camera skills to work across the trinity of Kicheche Mara Conservancies on her recent safari.

It is difficult to say where she enjoyed most but take your pick from a saturated cheetah hunt Рas Wight as rain, a high flying leopard Рget off on the Wight foot Рand a plucky fawn evading its pursuers РWight place, Wight time. These are the stars from her safari but the supporting cast was none too shabby either.  Check her spectacular gallery Рpress the Wight button.

This is not her first visit, unlikely to be her last and she clearly enjoys the three-pronged approach. We hope it catches on. Wight on.


” Driving through darkness under fading stars, the rising, predawn symphony teases my senses. Then, that first glimpse of golden light reveals hidden secrets and you feel it all around you- just magic. Thanks again Kicheche “

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