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The South Bank Show

The South Bank Show
27th August 2012 Kicheche Camps
The Talek river is not the Rubicon, but has cachet all the same. Whilst legions of wildebeest march over the more fabled Mara river causing unnecessary correspondence from Spotter Thomas’s, the prime position this week was a point at least twenty kilometers from there, on the North bank of the Talek. Another advantage of being further from the cheap seats is that the grown-up granite crossings keep the 2 WD minibuses with their adolescent suspensions firmly on the other side.Early yesterday, the plains on this side of the Talek were only home to a couple of ruminant stragglers, even emptier than the Australian gold medal cabinet (sorry, the last one, honest). By lunchtime about sixty thousand had turned the narrow defile into a molten gorge. Mika, Joseph and David all agreed this is the prime crossing site in the Mara. The lions agree, they find it easy to fill the pantry here; even the youngsters can hone their craft with impunity.

These huge lines now stream towards Double Crossing and the Kicheche conservancies more

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