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The Name of the Game June 2012

The Name of the Game June 2012
24th June 2012 Kicheche Camps
Lags Eleven:
There is a marvellous moment in the 1973 masterpiece THE STING, when Kid Twist , Gondorf’s (Paul Newman) number two, finds out which tricksters are in town ahead of the big con. One of his burly hoods brings ‘the list’ of these characters. All of them have history but none are murderers or deviants, just good natured Chicago hoodlums and fraudsters, all with magnificent lags names, the best being one counterfeiter known as ‘The Big Alabama.’

The whole effortless scene is done with the ubiquitous jaunty Joplin piano as backing. It is a seminal moment in the film, it galvanises the plot before the trap is sprung – exciting in itself and in anticipation, we are intrigued by these felons and want to meet them. Sadly neither SPOT nor Bush Telegraph comes with a raunchy ragtime backing track, but our own fixers have been out early season and cased all the appropriates joints and watering holes and are happy to give the spec on our own 11 crooks that have left their differing dabs all over the Mara.

The initial ID parade below has the six with the most form, five lesser criminals are doing shorter time – clink on the  link.

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