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The Big Picture?

The Big Picture?
27th February 2017 Kicheche Camps
Black shouldered kite on a kill

And the winner is ……… ‘Lion’ ….err no wait a minute, Steve Holroyd has just proved that it is not always the favourites that pick up the awards. Mara Camp guides are happy to do a bit of moonlighting with flying species, not just sticking to the marquis ones.

However fast cheetahs may be, to date, one has not managed to fly. However his Kite stunner and ox pecker prove that this conservancy, now leavened by overdue rains, can always produce more than just supporting roles from its stupendous bird cast.


Oxpecker on wildebeest

Judging by his his cheetah and giraffe, Steve is no slouch with the supposed A-listers either.

Top work, thanks for giving us the bird. Top work guides, thanks for not just reading from the script.


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