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  • Greg Du Toit Kicheche Bush Camp

    ‘I travel to every safari country in Africa every year and Kicheche Bush camp remains top of the pile’ Greg Du Toit

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  • Fig leopard with cub

    Reflection, affection, purrfection.

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  • Cheetah hunt Masai Mara
  • As we land at the airstrip, we know we’re back at our second home and will be catching up with old friends, both human and animal!

    “Kicheche Bush Camp  is one of my favourite places in the world.  From the moment of arrival when I’m filled with…

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  • ‘Thank you for many awesome safari’s and many more to come!’ …Greg du Toit Kicheche Bush Camp Aug’14

    Greg Du Toit Kicheche Bush Camp regular  August 2014

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  • ‘When I get to heaven and it doesn’t look like this, I’m asking God to send me back’ W. Hanssen Okanjima, Namibia

    Wayne Hanssen, Okonjima, Namibia guest of Kicheche Mara camp and Kicheche Valley Aug 2014

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  • Kicheche Valley, Masai Mara Honeymoon package: Valid to 31 Dec ’18**

    Honeymooners at Valley Valid  throughout 2018** Brides receive a 50% discount** This offer is a fantastic opportunity to experience Kicheche’s premier…

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  • Pride of lions dine out after killing adult giraffe Daily Mail 03 May 13

    We brought you this story at Easter.  SPOT OF THE WEEK : An amazing sequence of fine feline dining for…

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  • “I could not imagine or dream it better”

    I cannot think of a suggestion to improve upon what you have created here, believe me, as a perfectionist, there…

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  • Tree Leopards? No Four

    Early last week around seven thirty a lioness tag team brought down a squealing adult warthog. Thirty metres from a…

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