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Tables Turned

Tables Turned
4th December 2015 Kicheche Camps
Buffalo turn on Male Lion

The neutral inevitably supports the underdog, it is an understandable reaction in all but the most callous human. Bill Westbrook (113 bednights for him and his wife and counting) is a big Australian sports fan so not used to siding with underdogs but even he must have silently cheered as Mohican sounded the retreat in front of some buffalo soldiers.


Better was to come with the hartebeest, which not only turned the tables on its adversary but actually seriously humiliated this over-ambitious hyena. This is generally the exception so to catch it twice is remarkable, shame it does not happen to the Australian rugby teams more often! (Sorry Bill)


Meanwhile up north in Laikipia the Duffy’s witnessed an extraordinary turn of events. The coming together of Black and White Rhino …..more

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