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Predator proof bomas

Kicheche comes off the Fence. The balance of grazing power between Maasai, tourists, wild animals and cattle has been going on a long time. In times of plenty i.e. when there has been good rains it is rarely a struggle. Drought is a different matter as four legged hungry ungulates compete for the same feeding areas. This inevitably leads to conflict.

More often than not this conflict takes place at night and involves lions and sometimes leopards making damaging forays into the Manyattas to feed. Currently most cattle bomas are protected by spiky acacia branches, a deterrent in the wet season but with a hungry, determined drought ravaged lion, not much of an obstacle in real terms. For years people have talked about doing something, Kicheche prefers actions rather than anodyne words.

Kicheche has already raised a lot of money and will continue to do so to make proper bomas. Strong bomas. Safe bomas. Bomas that have their perimeters properly engineered with solid foundations dug deep, with a combination of stiff tapered trunks and tough metal grills between them.

They may not look as ‘traditional’ as people are used to, but some would say a Masai with a cell phone is not traditional. Frankly who cares, they protect their cattle, their precious, priceless cattle, this is far more important to all stakeholders in the Mara.