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Sunset Strips

Sunset Strips
27th October 2014 Kicheche Camps
The words ‘Africa’ and ‘sunset’ are coupled almost unconsciously, yet the Mara’s dusks are unlike any other. These biblical skies are impossible to predict, frequently appearing when all hope is lost after banks of grey cloud have scudded along the distant escarpments.Suddenly the merest vestige of colour dances along the horizon. Within minutes this pale glow transforms from an OK coral to a futuristic orange before the whole sky blushes a livid crimson, often almost half an hour after the sun has dipped.
Many claim these sort of skies, they short-change you; none have the frequency of the Mara and with its rolling plains it is perfect to maximize them. Psychedelic hyperbole you may think …. Well consider this: the four images below, taken on different evenings, were from the last seven days.
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On Monday 24th November 2014, Kicheche co owner Paul Goldstein will be delivering his annual Mara Watch
charity lecture at ‘The Royal Institution of Great Britain’ in Mayfair, introduced by Mark Carwardine it will be as dazzling and provocative as ever. It is sure to be popular once more so please book your tickets early!  
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