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Starters Orders

Starters Orders
7th June 2013 Kicheche Camps

Acacia pride four of six lion cubs

April showers have massaged the Mara, but the last fortnight has been fine (the heart of the ‘wet’ season). The grass has been fecundly fermented and fertilized, ready for another season, as is a champing ‘Spot’.  My quill is moist …. chocks away.

Most camps and lodges are barely rising from a low (?) season convalescence, leaving the plains empty of vehicles, however Kicheche Mara Camp has had the NO VACANCIES sign up all week, for good reason.

Perm what you like from a staggering Wednesday this week: six tiny lion cubs on granite at sunrise, one male cheetah downing a callow waterbuck and three cheetahs catching, and then relinquishing a gazelle to a hyena. Had enough yet? Thought not; try six more lion cubs, then Zawadi’s daughter (Nelangu) strolling across the conservancy just like her fabled mum used to. Inhale, deeply, then throw in a hyena den with almost foetal pups, their mothers dragging down a striped foal nearby and late afternoon skies to defeat both pantone or palette.

The season’s started, the wildlife knows it, no-one else seems to, keep it a secret will you. Welcome to Kicheche, welcome to Mara North, we’ve missed you.

Watch out for a spectacular Name of the Game 13 next week.

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Hyena hunts down a gazelle

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