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12th October 2013 Kicheche Camps

Cub that survived FOR SPOT-2

Unless you have had your head deep in the sand this last week, you cannot have missed the remarkable Spot from the 2nd Oct. Over 34,000 people have now viewed, but if, by some disquieting quirk of fate you have not, you can address that oversight here ...

Benja has been deified as have Colin & Sammy, Martin and Kathy (the photographers) are probably opening supermarkets now and on excuse me terms with Attenborough.

FOR SPOT-2Bush Camp, however, would like to point something out: ‘it was incredible but it was only one leopard’. In one day we scored six leopards and seven cheetahs’ – that totals about four thousand spots at least.

Adorable Acacia plus her nine month old, the indolent Pink Nose, Acacia’s two year old and then her first daughter from 2008, with a cub, a small cub, a cub that James Nampaso famously photographed with its brother in August ( view here),  a cub that was considered perished, but has then had more comebacks than Lazarus and is now a healthy four month old, who left the reserve yesterday to enter into the Conservancy.

Add Narasha and her two (view here) and Naleppo with her young three – seven cheetahs that commute between the three Conservancies giving the reserve a wide berth, and you have a bounteous baker’s dozen, spookily the same figure as the dog pups in Laikipia ( view here)

Naleppo +++ FOR SPOT-2

Mara Camp, you may be topping the box office for a while with your . phenomenon, but if we are talking stats, you have some work to do.

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