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Spot of the Greek

Spot of the Greek
17th January 2014 Kicheche Camps

Kyriakos Kaziras (Kiki) is part Athenian and part Parisian, he is also fast becoming part of the furniture at Kicheche.

He spends a good deal of his year in the three Mara Conservancies and the rest of the time photographing in other grown-up wilderness areas of the world. Too often black and white images are just colour ones gone wrong, overcooked horribly in the processing room and presented as ‘art’. Not Kiki’s, he chooses his subjects as carefully as his camps and of his current monochrome metier, elephants, are his favoured subject.

Gorge yourself on this magnificent image from the highest photographic table, then feast on the attached link. He’s actually not too bad with colour either as this frankly absurdly brilliant lion shot shows.


Kiki is already scheduled for six weeks in the Mara for 2014, he is one of our favourite sons and we are sorry he took so long to find us. Despite having spent years in other camps in Africa he has found his nirvana and now will go nowhere else – why eat moussaka when you can have chateaubriand?

Click here for a small gallery from one of his Kichechian Odysseys.

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