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Spear. Mint. Rhino

Spear. Mint. Rhino
6th September 2013 Kicheche Camps

untitled (1 of 1) FW7F0535-3Just about the time most people are reaching to turn off the alarm clock Francis pointed a trembling finger into the middle distance, a euclea thicket was sparkling with a spider’s glistening macramé but the real glitter came from behind: ‘Rhino’ he gasped and within moments this great Mara survivor ploughed down a steep ravine adjacent to an awestruck land cruiser, before taking itself and its six foot priceless horn back to browse the web. It was 06.25.

This was early, freshly minted faunal hard currency. Within moments Joseph had located a lioness with four tiny cubs, James Nampaso had already struck with three cheetahs, it was not even seven a.m.
Staggeringly this was almost a sideshow as around mid-morning the three of them and their now frenzied guests were looking down the business end of a bank of Japanese optics at a hunting male caracal. These three Maasai ( see here) are hardly novices in the guiding department, but when their memory cards are full you know you are witnessing something unusual. ‘We have never seen such a tolerant animal’ James whispered….Read more

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