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Sold down the river

Sold down the river
22nd November 2013 Kicheche Camps


13 months ago a definitive SPOT  was, amongst other things busy decrying and denigrating the myopic and frankly crass guide books and holiday brochures that bray about the migration only being between July and September. In 2011 the first herds charged over in early June. Last year the biggest crossings (coming in) were actually in late October.


current parched plains in Tanzania have put little on the table for the ruminants and this week thousands of thoroughbreds, looking for a square meal, have turned North and steamed back into the Mara where decent light rains have provided a delectable gravy for already al dente grass. These have been the biggest crossings of the year but clearly some people actually believe the mounds of incorrect literature and the plains are largely empty of vehicles. This is supposedly ‘low’ season, no-one told the wildebeest that, these huge herds don’t go by our calendar.

Mara Watch 2013Kicheche co-owner Paul Goldstein will be delivering his annual Mara Watch ’13 charity lecture on the 03rd December at the Royal Institution in Mayfair. Introduced by journalist and irreverent radio presenter Jon Holmes this promises to be another dazzling and provocative evening. All the images are from the past year so look forward to a glimpse through his and your own recent family albums ! There are tickets still available, click  here  to book.
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