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Six Pack

Six Pack
20th June 2014 Kicheche Camps

Laikipia always makes a slight but noticeable habit of raising the stakes on wildlife’s baize table. It does not come to the ‘spot’ picnic perhaps as often as the Mara’s camps, but when it does it always dines from the highest table.

Remember those Wild Dog pups from last year, here are six of them at dawn making the guests equally misty-eyed.


Best not to stop there, the camp now has its regular bathing herd of elephants with one still in the infant class….

Critically also in times where the despicable ravages of poaching threaten Africa’s very birthright, our rhino stepped up to the their precarious plate with gusto. New arrivals from the US clearly had a yen for this noble yet rare prize. Their youngest Max was told that he would really have to put in some hours to find one of them. Several hours later he boasted 17 on his ‘charge card.’


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