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Short-term gain

Short-term gain
5th August 2017 Kicheche Camps
Cheetah hunts gazelle

Nothing worse than toiling all day before finally catching something, only for the opposition to cash in. Mara North may be a perfect battleground for new boys hunting but there are always some cynical old heavyweights happy to fillibuster proceedings.


So in front of Alex and Chris’s perfectly positioned vehicle, Malaika’s prodigal son brought down a small antelope. His time on his quarry was even shorter than Scaramucci’s brief stay in the Oval Office.


Once the kill had been purloined the cheetah let off a expletive-ridden hiss before sulking back to make a complaint to his house of representatives.


When Alex and Chris went back to camp,no-one believed them, saying it was FAKE NEWS!


Happy anniversary Alexandra & Chris, nice work David Nchoe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for your interest he’s been with us longer than ten days….



Guest sub-editor Brian Jackman.

Hyena comes in for cheetah kill

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