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Serial offenders

Serial offenders
21st March 2015 Kicheche Camps

KVC leopard-2
Put simply, we love them. We reserve a big nod for those who come for their long stretches in the myopically-named ‘low season’ month of March. We reserve an even bigger nod when they come three times a year from Queensland! That’s a fair bit of previous.
KMC Rhino-2
Bill and Babs are fixtures at Kicheche, almost institutions, with their form. They are cherished old lags in camp that have form with ‘Spot’ too.  ...more
Check out their contraband from their troika of camps (Kicheche Mara, Kicheche Bush and Kicheche Valley) these last two weeks: an extraordinary display of class A box office, perhaps even a record close to a criminal one.
Bill  and Babs we salute you and look forward to seeing you again during visiting hours.
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