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Return of the native

Return of the native
1st August 2014 Kicheche Camps

AFRICA 2014.

Bush Camp doesn’t go much for hearsay, so the end of season scurrilous tales of their favourite daughter Acacia’s pregnancy were barely indulged. However, just the merest sniff of a spotted cub is enough to set the four horseman: Charles, Patrick, James and Nelson into a forensic frenzy. Sure enough ‘bwana chui’ James soon found mum and the flaky rumour was confirmed: one mum, one cub, utter gold.

The sighting of this new captivating creche prompted Darren to dash out early one morning, his office hours in abeyance, to take this monstrously good shot at sunrise. The family is so close that by the time he returned his coffee and spread-sheets were still warm.

Acacia is a cat that keeps on giving to Bush Camp; Brendan and Val are pretty happy with their caracal at Kicheche Valley  view here, Sammy and Colin doting on their own spotted family at Mara Camp view here.


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