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Reigning Cats and Dogs..

Reigning Cats and Dogs..
8th July 2017 Kicheche Camps
Wild dogs Kicheche Bush camp

When you arrive on your 20th safari you would think that it might be challenging to find fresh challenges. This may be so in the congested trails of other national Parks and Reserves but not the Mara Conservancies. Take Bill and Barbara Westbrook, hardly strangers to these columns. Just when we think his litany of leopards earlier this week  (view ) cannot be beaten he really ‘paints’ one on with a remarkable wild dog sighting.

Whenever one looks at the provenance of successful game drives, at the top of the food chain is the guide, in this case the indefatigable, inimitable and frankly imperious Charles Wandero. This seasoned pro works ridiculously hard, never happy with the sorcery he has just conjured up, always looking for fresh high carat treasures. The painted ones however took his breath away and as for Bill and Babs, they were like dogs with two tails.

Charles Wandero: Bush Camp treasure.

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