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Reflection, affection, purrfection.

Reflection, affection, purrfection.
9th September 2017 Kicheche Camps
Fig leopard with cub

When you are dealing with fabled diva’s sometimes it takes a while for them to appear on the red carpet. However frustrating this may be, no amount of tantrums or tiara’s will make a shred of difference.


Fig 's leopard cub 4 months old

Despite five previous Kicheche Bush Camp safari’s, Rachel Chapman had never seen Olare, Fig’s son and to add to her feeling of bush betrayal, she had spent a four day pilgrimage trying to find Fig’s prodigal daughter but to no avail. So imagine the flutter of hearts, clatter of shutters and whirr of video as a late matinee appearance turned into a sensational soiree.

Good things come … and all that, top work you Chapmans

Fig leopard hunting
Fig leopard and her cub playing

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