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Rain Supreme

Rain Supreme
17th October 2014 Kicheche Camps

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The Masai Mara has established much of its reputation on dazzling sunrises illuminating obliging cats and sleepy afternoons under searing blue skies. But there is another time: a season or even just a day so dramatic that it banishes torpor and vanquishes those long dusty matinees. To yearn for the former is to only swallow the Mara ethic halfway down.

When the sky changes from blue to grey to slate in seconds, when the colours resonate with more vibrance than Photoshop could ever cook, and when your chest is concussed by the fearful rumble of thunder you are witnessing the Mara at its most visceral.

The animals know it too and their usual extended siestas are curtailed. There is never a dull sky in the Mara but storms bring Gaudiesque clouds of fifty shades and more providing canvases no painter or photographer could ever do justice to; but there is no harm in trying.

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In the distance a couple of Kicheche cruisers fishtail home through the deluge. Their guides: Ahab and Noah are as evangelical as their charges, all eager to eke out every drop of drama that only the Mara can deliver with any degree of continuity. As they approach camp a bolt of sunlight hits the anvil curtain and produces a startling, short-lived rainbow

Later, as the tempest fades to soothing percussion, it is time to reflect on drama no app or tablet could ever come close to. Storms and rain: vital leavening ingredients to make the Mara the most intoxicating game wilderness in the world.
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