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Puppy love

Puppy love
4th December 2013 Kicheche Camps

Wilddog pups rounded up by parents before hunt

The dogs are out of the manger and have moved even closer to Kicheche Laikipia Camp. The adult canines and fifteen (yes 15) pups easily outnumbered two vehicles and several speechless guests. Their proximity has made going to the dogs easier than ever. However one hawk-eyed safari-goer spotted two young lions eyeing up the painted hors d’oevres. If they had remained undetected the youngsters would not have stood a dog’s chance however many new tricks the parents may have learned.

Wilddog magnificent 7 off to hunt

It is easy to get attached to species, especially young ones, although the execrable TV habit of christening animals is giving dogs a bad name. However, watching those sleek lions dressed up like a dog’s dinner have an early Thanksgiving feast would have made the watchers sick as …….

Fortunately the hair on one of the dog’s necks rose as she spotted the young hunters and the pack dashed off before resting. The lions ignored then them …. best to let sleeping dogs lie. The guests have their safari shaggy dog stories for years to come.


Thanks for the sensational photos Andrew, you genius; always the man to see about a dog.

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