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Pride of Place

Pride of Place
13th December 2013 Kicheche Camps

Treed lion cub while mother goes hunting

Any of those pea-brains who doubted the benefits of the fertile Mara Conservancies have had to eat big chunks of pie for a while now. Olare and Mara North Conservancy are two of the very few areas in the whole of Africa that have growing populations of lions. The recent birth of three more cubs near Kicheche Mara Camp has brought that pride’s numbers to over thirty. This is certainly bigger than the Marsh Pride and we understand perhaps the largest in the country, with 15 of them under seven months.

Moving cubs to safety-2

Two nights in a row they hunted buffalos in camp, eventually downing one in front of ‘Kongoni’ tent. The fleeing quarry had taken half of ‘Kiboko’s shade netting with it as it vainly tried to escape. There was not much sleep that night, ‘it sounded as though a swat team were doing live manoeuvres next to my bed’ someone gasped the next morning. One guest shamefully slept through the whole ordeal but was awake for the following night’s sun-downers taken in camp watching, along with all the staff, as the whole 31-strong pride finished off the remains of the day.

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