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Priceless…in any denomination

Priceless…in any denomination
14th March 2013 Kicheche Camps

The heads crane to see the new arrival, the one many have discussed after the last one’s retreat to obscurity. Choosing one is picking from a broad church, for days decisions are pondered, smoke turning from black to charcoal then back to black, but finally as James Nampaso started up his trusty land cruiser the exhaust belched white smoke. This man knew his mission, keen that his new flock should follow him and there, peering from the green balcony was not a ‘primate’ but a feline: Acacia’s new cub. A highlight of any season.

You, the faithful, have all been patient for this one, but this is one of two. In the conservancy. Free from the pagans in the reserve.

The force is strong with these youngsters, where will I be at Easter ? In London (a Cardinal sin surely) or the Olare Conservancy ……. is the Pope a Catholic?

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