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5th July 2013 Kicheche Camps


When it comes to wildlife one-upmanship you can always rely on Kicheche Laikipia to steal the high ground. 

Spotted hyena dens are just so last year at 1900 metres – a striped family with pups active way beyond the eight a.m. bedtime is far harder currency. This crèche caper not enough for you, fret not: someone let the dogs out early and they bounded across the outside courts before taking on an adversary with a far higher seeding in the shape of a fully adult male warthog.

Striped hyena

Tactics, approach and ambition will only get you so far, class will out in the end. The wild cards wanted to go the whole hog but the prey sent down a volley of snorts and sent them packing. A potential breakfast became a complete dog’s dinner, they had to pig out elsewhere.!cid_10801CBD-78D1-435E-98B5-AFDF366807F5-2

No fat cat empty debenture seats, no over-priced refreshments, just a couple of vehicles that didn’t even to queue long until the action sizzled.



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