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Pork Scratching

Pork Scratching
3rd July 2015 Kicheche Camps


Lifelong obsessions with leopards are commonplace, almost the law in the Mara. Sightings range from distant patterns to languid tails obscured in faraway tree crowns.

Rarely do these mystical felines oblige. ‘George’ – the Mara North apex male clearly had not read the script. All day he lazed five metres above his adoring gallery until dropping into the adjacent thicket.

On any normal safari this would register Jack or Queen, not this safari, not this cat. He then sashayed through the shimmering oat grass which ranged from baize to bottle and then surveyed the pork platter before him. He was still yet to throw down his ace.

Seeing a leopard hunt is absurdly rare, actually photographing it is downright impossible, not for Patrick Frazer. Somehow he locked his lens onto this silent assassin as it broke cover and caught up with the warthog in a flash. Having torn its front paw down the gnarly flank of this not inconsiderable adversary it stopped. Good job as the nearby hyena den would have had intentions on his dinner.

Pfraser kill

Mara North is not the only contributor to the Kicheche leopard lexicon: check out this dappled gallery….here

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