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Play a round

Play a round
26th September 2014 Kicheche Camps

Just as Ryder Cup hostilities start brewing up, it appears that Valley camp fauna has got in on the niggling aggro act with more ‘rough’ than ‘fairway’.

Lion scrap Nabopisho

Thanks for your round of superb images Hazel and Chris, a well below par score with two birdies thrown in, particularly high on the leader board was the jackal tearing a Tesco’s-sized hole out of its adversary.

Also playing around is Valley’s resident leopard ‘Jaitan’ having some fine dining with his latest squeeze just 30 metres from camp. see Post by Kicheche Camps.

Kicheche Valley 2012-5-2

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‘All in all I really don’t think I could ask for more. Like being in “Eden” really and I can’t wait til the next visit!  …more  Max Family, New York, Sep 2014