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Pitter Panthera of tiny paws

Pitter Panthera of tiny paws
7th February 2017 Kicheche Camps

Just when you thought the surfeit of spots had reached its Zenith, Mara Camp has had its not inconsiderable say.

Seemingly unimpressed by the now adolescent cubs of Kaboso or the tiny granite-dwelling one from Valley, Jimmy Tinka sought more a more fertile quarry. Imagine his delight when he came across Nelangu, Mara North’s favourite girl. However what stiffened the currency of this dappled encounter were her accompangning tiny cubs (plural).

Jimmy doesn’t care much for heresay, there has been plenty of Conservancy chatter about this lady’s gestatious expectancy, but largely ignored by this seasoned warrior.

Jimmy finds the prize before draping the indigo and crimson bunting across the acacias.


Top work. I have penned this epistle for seventeen years yet NEVER have I known leopards like this, if you have the slightest attraction to this pulse-quickening cat get yourself on a plane. Now.

Here is a gorgeous litany of leopards from our other two Mara Conservancies including Bill and Barbara Westbrook’s remarkable images and footage from Naboisho – six days, 12 game drives, striking gold every time.

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