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Open Season

Open Season
29th July 2013 Kicheche Camps
Lion killl

Image: Francis Sunkuli, Silver guide, Kicheche Valley

Oscar Wilde once described golf as ‘ a good walk ruined’. The venerable dandy could have been talking about a walking safari last week in the woods and greens of Valley Camp. A family had their early morning walk interrupted by a pride of lions feasting on a giraffe, this was a two iron drive from the staff quarters and very visible in the middle of the fairway. Their firearm-toting caddy called for back up and then two families then enjoyed this extraordinary spectacle from ‘open’ vehicles. Seeing as the kill and feeding had kept them up all night it was an appropriate reward. 30 hyenas were nosing down from the gallery to compete for the prize and the noise was again deafening.

This only just managed to top the leader board as six other lions had treed a leopard nearby and two cheetahs had clubbed a poor gazelle on the plains above camp. It was a very happy Valley camp last week, guests regaled Brendan and Val for hours about their sightings, he replied ‘ par for the course for Naboisho’.

Treed leopard

Image: Micah Kaleku, silver guide Kicheche Valley

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