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On our ‘Watch’

On our ‘Watch’
28th November 2014 Kicheche Camps
On Monday night in Mayfair almost 400 Mara fans inhaled their yearly Mara Watch fix. Introduced irreverently and brilliantly by Mark Carwardine it reminded everyone of what a precious jewel this prolific game area is.
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It also raised over £15,000 for two charities:  the incredibly important S.A.F.E. which continues to do remarkable work trying to reverse the barbaric trend of F.G.M. and also an important new cattle project in the Olare Conservancy.

The balance between game and Maasai cows is not always a harmonious one but programme’s like this mobile boma one, to benefit both land, cattle and game is critical to the future of these fabled grasslands.

The money raised is enough to start this whole exercise. At the forefront again, is Kicheche’s Greg Monson, a man who was instrumental in the priceless set up of the coveted Mara Conservancies.

Fat quality cattle and fat quality cats is the objective. A long game, but a worthwhile one, thank you to all who attended.

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