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Old Guard

Old Guard
24th July 2015 Kicheche Camps

Black Rhino Masai Mara

Some are survivors, some just dislike intruders. Both are creatures of habit.  When thousands of late wildebeest pound through the long grass you would think the spectacle is enough and nothing would be stupid enough to stand in their way. Except of course two rhino which stood resolutely, unflinching as the snorting throng flowed past. There two made another two very happy: Andrew and Caroline : enjoying their first Valley camp safari.

Cheetahs need their speed even if they are the new coalition in town: three callow brothers had a sobering Mara North baptism as some senior lions wasted no time in reminding them exactly who’s manor they were trespassing. Nothing like a proper spat lo liven things up a little. Oh and half a million wildebeest.

Levend lion chasing cheetah-2

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