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Oh pairs!

Oh pairs!
28th June 2013 Kicheche Camps

Oh pairs


London buses, Federer and Nadal, pairs are never far away. Try this for a few twin peaks: one morning, two vehicles, immediately two leopards, new leopards. Two prides of lions, two kills: a wildebeest and a Sharapova-squealing warthog. Nearby a gazelle was grazing, plump and clearly fond of her food, she had more of an eye on the cameras than the risk of lunch-time violence, within moments her nemesis had her in a Saatchi-like death-grip (allegedly), needless to say the cheetah had two cubs. Then, astonishingly a pair of rhino.

After a flat tyre with the prides – a lions breakdown marshalled far better than last Saturday in Brisbane, the now evangelicals returned to camp to preach to Abraham and Kennedy (2). while they ‘refuelled’ in the mess. The same stories were then told to Darren and Emma (2) – a festival of wildlife without a mud bath or portaloo in sight.
Two things were missing though – wifi and an infinity pool, sorry for that.

I’ll finish this week musing on those rhino; this is already one of the season’s definitive moments – two of the Mara’s great survivors and sentinels. Only forty or so have escaped the poachers’ bullets, therefore avoiding the pitiful libidinous demands and diet of the flaccidly insidious Chinese. They are being butchered now more than ever, to satisfy these despicable cravings, this pair remains in double-trouble. Noah counted them on and off, let’s hope Kicheche can still be counting them back for a while yet.



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