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Numbers of the Beests

Numbers of the Beests
16th July 2015 Kicheche Camps


Some animals need patience and guile to witness. Not wildebeest. After a few flaky aborts at Tanzanian border control several weeks ago the huge herds have started crossing. There is no need to set a watchman for these ruminants. They have had enough of their Serengeti diet and have come for the super fruits and vegetables of the Mara. For days unending lines have charged across the Sand river into the Mara proper. They were not fooled by the shabby Tanzanian burning tricks and after a grown-up wet season, look set to be with us for many months.

Not to be outdone the Loita herds have been crashing through the Conservancies and will soon meet up seismically on Topi Plains with the other herds – like Field Marshal Blucher’s Prussians linking with Wellington’s redcoats at Waterloo’s sunset, with the force of colliding continental plates.


In the Olare Conservancy these galloping grazers have to cross the Olare river. There be lions there,  Enkoyanai ones, and although the effect on the numbers is negligible, five days in a row they brought down five prime charcoal beasts …. Unherd of.


“We absolutely loved our 5 days at Kicheche!

I cannot fault the camp – absolutely fabulously comfortable tents, super friendly staff, delicious food, amazing guides & stunning wildlife.

So many highlights and so many lions with cubs, I felt I was in a Disney movie.”

Michaela Strachan