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Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure
7th February 2014 Kicheche Camps


There’s something going on in Mara North, something in the water and moments like these need documentation.

In Joseph SengenyKicheche Mara Camp thankfully has a diligent book-keeper. Here are just three of his marvellous images of the past few weeks as he finds (invariably first) some of the Conservancies favourite sons and daughters be it a chunk of the Mara’s biggest pride slaking their thirst or indeed one of them facing down a male hippo. Or check his gallery where a seductive portfolio awaits those fans of his sumptuous and fertile back yard.
Joseph's pride slaking their thirst


In the album there is no shortage of ‘that’ leopard with her tiny cub. What he is keeping back, however, is his favourite female leopard, Nelangu, who’s new-born first brood is tucked away in the granite, actually in camp! Some game drives aren’t even switching the engine on.


Talking of prodigal children, today’s Spot is dedicated to one of Kicheche’s favourite son’s who is currently fighting the good fight. He knows who he is and also knows we will keep that cruiser’s engine running for him.

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