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  • Buffalo turn on Male Lion

    Tables Turned

    The neutral inevitably supports the underdog, it is an understandable reaction in all but the most callous human. Bill Westbrook…

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  • Leopard cub swings from acacia tree

    Valley Parade

    Bit of rain, yellow turned to rich green and animals bursting with vitality. Kevin Rooney timed his safari to perfection…

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  • sunday Times logo

    SAFARI MADE SIMPLE – by Chris Haslam Sunday Times – 22nd Nov 2015

    A trip to the bush should be a life-changing experience, but it’s tricky to get it right. Old hand Chris…

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  • Aard Graft

    The chill has still not left the dawn and already you’ve been up ninety minutes. Some people call this a…

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  • Adorable images of a leopard and her cub – 18 November 2015

    The Mara conservancies are the jewels of East Africa – so says Kicheche owner, guide and photographer Paul Goldstein. This is especially the…

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  • Osirata's two leopard cubs branching out , Naboisho Conservancy

    Double Trouble

    We, the patrons of Mara Naboisho Conservancy would like it known that neither Mara North or Olare have a monopoly on…

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  • Cheetah with cubs

    Partly rainy with scattered sunshine

    ‘The dry season stronghold’, ‘the magic hour (make that ten minutes)’, ‘the grazers queuing at the waterhole’. What a load…

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  • Rain on the parade

    Misguided guidebooks constantly crap on about ‘the best time for wildlife is in the dry season when predators concentrate around…

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  • ‘Leap’ of faith

    A week’s safari including a leopard with young is hard spotted currency by any benchmark. When that week includes four…

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  • Top Spot

    For some, the period of Kicheche abstinence is a few years, for others a few weeks, but when your first…

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  • Rhyme and Reason

    Today, October the 8th is National poetry day.  Lion thought: ‘There’s humans with James, I think Spot of the Week…

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  • Car trouble

    You think you have it bad on your commute or mission to the mall or shops? You think you suffer…

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