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Nature of the Beests

Nature of the Beests
18th July 2012 Kicheche Camps

The tour has arrived, the outriders, racing ahead like Froome or Cavendish are already approaching the Northern Conservancies, and some have already crossed the river. This is it, the big one ….. they’re coming home. They’ve negotiated all the various Tanzanian stages and will soon be in their dry season stronghold, getting there probably quicker than a bus ride from Heathrow to the athletes village, their own yellow jersey protected by its million-strong peleton.

The stallions, their manes flapping like Bradley Wiggins’ sideburns, strut across the plains like fat cat Olympic dignitaries parading down the Mall in their own elitist Zil lanes. The fawns are anxious: stotting, crossing and re-crossing with all the confusion and ineptness of graduate G4 security ‘experts’.

Some are negotiating both the Mara and Olare Orok River with gusto, but gathering the other side are a tawny and spotted reception committee to say nothing of the scaly, sinister leviathans waiting in the depths that haven’t eaten for seven months....more

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