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Name of the Game 2013

Name of the Game 2013
14th June 2013 Kicheche Camps

Name of the Game 2013Pick up a paperback or turn on the TV and there is a strong chance it will have a Scandanavian feel to it. We may not have dragons, nor tattoos but we witness a few killings so the appropriately named ‘Name of the Game’ is staying for this year, as it has been a fabbalous and popular addition to the ‘Spot’ stable.

Hopefully this chart rundown will have you salivating if you are booked for 2013. If by some cruel and disquieting quirk of fate you are not coming this year, scandalous I know, perhaps this will help you to come to your senses. All these images are from the first couple of weeks of the season, not cut from past issues and fraudulently pasted on today’s letter. Enjoy the top of the spots for 2013.

Top 5
1. Leopards

Acacia girls, mum and daughter - Photo Darren Geary

Acacia girls, mum and daughter – Photo Darren Geary

Almost impossible to dislodge from the number one spot, the leopards are in rude good health. Bush camp’s favourite daughter Acacia has two cubs of differing ages, all so obliging they’re almost one of us. Olive and the Talek dynasty progress serenely and Nelangu is now behaving just as her mother Zawadi did near Mara camp. Mika found three in one game drive in Naboisho last Wednesday, a bit greedy we thought… more

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