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Mother’s Pride

Mother’s Pride
4th July 2014 Kicheche Camps

You may not have seen Bill and Barbara Westbrook’s extraordinary morning last week, where they were caught up in a Lion / Hyena conflict, five hundred metres from Kicheche Bush Camp  see 

giraffe (1)-2

Astonishingly, this is even better from their Olare Conservancy safari…

This is their seventh visit to Bush Camp and ‘each time I think we can never beat the last,’ Barbara says ‘but this was remarkable, going on for almost half an hour as the mother protected her calf ferociously from the young Moniko pride. It was heart in the mouth stuff as we felt we might be witnessing something brutal as the casual menace of the sub-adult lions showed little signs of abating. Eventually the giraffes  got away and we breathed again.’


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