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Look what the cat dragged in

Look what the cat dragged in
25th July 2014 Kicheche Camps

pic of the week-2

Micah has made the fertile pastures surrounding Valley Camp in Mara Naboisho his own these past few years. This colossus of a guide likes nothing better than a challenge, so when his new guests give him an early brief on their love for cats he knew exactly what to put in the cross hairs. However his initial quarry was soon upgraded. He takes up the story:

‘Whilst enjoying the purple sunrise, one of the Enesikiria pride females appeared right behind our vehicle. They had put lions at the top of the list but the more I heard a constant agitated warbling of a crested francolin, the more I felt the desire to break away from the lion. “guys that is a strange call, it needs investigating.” It did. A beautiful caracal with its breakfast, and guests with eyes like dinner plates.’

Top work Micah, proper guide, proper conservancy. Top images too, what are you having for breakfast tomorrow?

Pic of the week 2-2