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Lions share?

Lions share?
12th July 2013 Kicheche Camps
Mating leopards, Mara North

Mating leopards

Parcelling up the Mara into Conservancies has been a massive labour, some would say a mission. Kicheche has been at the vanguard of this enterprise, suffering the full slings and arrows of development, so it is a delight to see the benefits. Olare, Naboisho and Mara North are flourishing, all underwritten by the stakeholders, who have put their foot and penneth in for the long game, despite a few dilettante’s jumping on board at the eleventh hour.

Mara North is perhaps the most beautiful patch in the Mara: granite gorges and rolling open dotted plains. Vast areas are un-trammelled, barely touched by man, but not beast. Joseph Sengeny likes this sort of situation, a man that has, countless times, spotted the sex and star sign of an animal in neighbouring countries long before his guests have even trained optics to their eyes. This Maasai pioneer headed off East into this bright new dawn and within moments he had Lions feasting, perhaps not as voraciously as the ones dining on Wallabies last Saturday, but not a bad start, moments later two cheetahs tackled a young wildebeest and then to cap it two leopards mated with a savage intensity lacking in the soufflé-soft Australian front row and most of the Ashes brittle openers.

Go East young man. Joseph, might not be as young as some of his colleagues but I fancy he’ll be heading out to that part of Mara North pretty soon.

Lions Mara North

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