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Lions. Share.

Lions. Share.
8th June 2017 Kicheche Camps
Acacia pride with eight cubs

Wake up calls in the city can come at any time of night and vary from electronic musak, clinical vibrating Apples, sirens, snoring and drunken hoodies. The closest one gets to the wild is when an over-fed urban fox, stoked up on M.S.G., disembowels your neighbours badly-packed bin. A lion’s rumble and roar: there’s a wake-up call! It also serves as welcoming committee for those sensible enough to take an early season safari in Mara North.

Just five hundred metres from Kicheche Mara Camp a whole array of lions have been parading, desperate to show off their latest fashion accessories, in this case, very young cubs. Vehicles have barely got out of first gear they have been so close and there’s plenty to go round.

At night they make a bit of a racket, anyone complaining? Thought not.

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