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Leopard look out!

Leopard look out!
17th August 2012 Kicheche Camps

Kicheche spot of the week

Joseph scratched his nose reflectively ‘clearly this is not a lion kill’ he remarked. Understandable, as the Reserve oxbows are surrounded by at least 30,000 wildebeest and this was a dead topi being given the last rites by a whooping hyena clan. These sort of mysteries are seldom answered but as cameras in the stalls focused on a lioness with three indescribably endearing cubs an excited cry indicated a dappled male assassin high in the arboreal circle. The leopard had ambushed the unfortunate topi, lost it to the clan and just when his night couldn’t get any worse he ran into the Marsh pride. Obvious really. He then had to spend a day’s vigil in positions that even the more torrid pages of the karma sutra would find uncomfortable …read more

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