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Leopard In Bound Over River

Leopard In Bound Over River
5th July 2012 Kicheche Camps
The term ‘rough diamond’ ( see where this is going ?) was originally an Australian phrase used to describe a person of good nature without any refinement. Peter Lemmon is from Melbourne, an avid acolyte of Botswana until finally taking the quantum leap to Kicheche six ears ago, he now has us in his D.N.A. having visited thirteen times since. He is also refined with no jagged edges, refined enough to give his spare camera to James Nampasso and watch as James nailed a priceless shot of Olive, another gem leaving the bank. James knows how his boss feels about ‘air’ shots, he should also know about how he feels about cutting off tails!

Jimmy from Mara camp has also got the bug, catching this big boy preparing a large personal deposit. The pernicious, philandering Bob will retreat in disgrace, his nose still in his 92 million pound trough. However, let not Kicheche cast the first stone as James, Jimmy and the rest have been fixing high interest levels in the Mara for years.


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The plains are greener than an over-worked centre court and they are close now, 30/40 kms away.

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