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‘Leap’ of faith

‘Leap’ of faith
23rd October 2015 Kicheche Camps
Main shot  Bahati and one of her own nine week old cubs

Bahati with one of her 9 week old cubs

A week’s safari including a leopard with young is hard spotted currency by any benchmark. When that week includes four leopards with young it is off the scale. Rarely is the collective ‘leap’ invoked. It is now.

Cubs on rocks, cubs in river gullies, cubs playing and tree-bound cubs –  all cubs-we-like.

Just when it could surely get no better, on the guest’s last morning a Reserve leopard carried her two tiny charges across to a new den. This photographic nirvana was on granite during the magic hour. James had seen this twice before, Charles once and Nelson never.

Like leopards? Like cubs? What are you doing sat at home?  There is nowhere in Africa that can touch this tally right now …. Or ever.

Fig and  three and a half month old son

Fig and three and a half month old son

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Leopards are also still endangered, Kicheche’s Paul Goldstein’s annual charity lecture at the Royal Institution: ‘ENDANGERED’ on November the 11th has just a few tickets left. Like endangered species? What are you doing sat at home…. Click here for ticket details.

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